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Full Version: desklets problem?
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hi, think i messed up a little, im rather new too linux. and in my quest for eye candy.

i was fooling around with disklets. adding some of the basic ones that come with gDesklets.

im using ubuntu 7.10,


well what i did was add a toolbar called infodomestics bar, and at first i couldnt place it.

was kinda stuck to the mouse. when i finally did manage to place the bar, my pidgion login icon moved from the top bar, to this

new infodomestics bar,

then i couldn't delete the desklet, i could move it around, but no option to close,

so i moved it off screen, till it vanished,

i thought. out of sight. out of mind. now, when i close my messanger n other apps. instead of minimizing to my top bar,

they close out all together, wich is rather irritating.

so im curious. is there a way to mass remove the desklets you have on your desktop?

or any advice on removing that infodomestics bar, wich i hope makes things go back to normal


any help would be appreciated. :)




why not just kill the process that is infodomestics ?


open a terminal and do

ps aux |grep infodom


does it show up ?


if so you can kill the process with

kill -9 pid

where pid is the process identifier