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Full Version: 30 Days With Vista - A Linux User Prospective
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I never really used vista or windows for that matter. I decided to bite the bullet and give vista a try for 30 days.


Day 1

I have a friend who gave me Vista Ultimate DVD. He said this will give you 30 days until you have to activate it. Perfect I don't even have to buy windows to try it out. I took the dvd and put it in my test computer and sat down and got ready for 30 days of vista. Installation seemed pretty easy if you know how to click a t.v. remote then you can install vista. I had some free space on my hard drive so I installed vista on that. I had Fedora 8 on this computer and when I rebooted my grub boot manager was gone. Funny I know that linux add other oses to a boot menu but not vista? Microsoft has to know by now that they aren't the only ones who have a os do they? SO I booted into linux with a live dvd and reinstalled grub. Grub found vista and added it to the menu. When I rebooted the good old grub menu appeared so I choose vista held my breath and pressed enter. To my eyes all I saw was a annoying green bard that showed something while vista was loading. Now it took a little longer to boot vista then it did for Fedora but thats after I heavily customized it so fedora would have taken alot longer to load then vista. After setting up a user and Administrator password I was ready to go. It did testing and told me my system was 1.0 on the windows experience Index. What? this computer is pretty new it should be more then that I thought. To find out poking around that it was my Intel video card. Went to the Intel downloaded the driver and I tried to install it. When I double clicked on the icon to install my new driver it gave a "This Program Needs Your Permission to Continue" I though this was strange. In linux I just install a program as root and get no nagging but maybe this is how vista does things. SO I clicked the Button and installed the new Intel drivers. After a it prompt me that I need to reboot I rebooted the system. Again with the good old grub menu I go down the list and select vista. Booted up and went to retest my system with my new intel driver. Again it asks me "Windows Needs your permission to continue". Why is it asking me to test my system its not like its a damn security risk or something. Oh well I took a deep breath and clicked ok. In what seemed like forever it finished my testing. I know was a 3.1 on the index. Thank god not to fix other windows issues.


First things first I opened internet explorer (which now looks a lot like firefox) and went to download firefox. It finished and I closed Internet Explorer and double clicked the FireFox installer. Again I was prompted for my permission to load the program. Ok this is getting to be a little to much. If this is going to nag me to death like a second wife I don't want anything to do with this os. I clicked ok and it installed. So I need to go get some protection because I don't want to get infected while sleeping with windows. I downloaded avg and installed it. oh surprise, surprise another damn nagging window asking me if it is ok to load the program I downloaded and install it. Ok Mr. Vista why would I want to get you permission on something I double clicked on. I want to install it I'm not changing my mind. So I clicked ok and installed avg. Now for some spyware protection so I went to spybot's site and downloaded it and yes got another nagging screen. God this already seems like I am married to the computer. Hell the way things are going we skipped the honeymoon and went in the nagging me for everything I do stage. Installed spybot and updated it. and lord of heaven and hell behold I have spy ware. How in the hell do I get spyware from going to spybot and avg? I had 30 traced of some damn Trojan. I see it nagged me to death to install spybot but it did nothing to the pos trojan that it told ok to install? Now I feel like this is a true marriage now only is the damn thing lying to me but its cheating on me behind my back and letting trojans come in and install themselves. Great just Great. Hell this is the first day I can't wait for devoice.


I can't take this nagging anymore o I did a little googling and found a way to take off the nagging. Trust me it took 5 nagging screens just to turn it off. But after a reboot the nagging was gone. Thank god. So I deiced to run another spybot check again I had 5 backdoor spyware installed. how in the hell did I get that for being on the net for 5 min? Now I didn't look at porn(yet) or any site that would give me a std. Well so far Vista isn't more secure. So I cleaned up and take a break.


After the 8 Beers I went back and shut down I can't take anymore for today.

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Day 2


Spyware Spyware and more Spyware. My computer was really slow so I decited to run spybot and ms defender. This is what I got. Also keep in mind I havn't used the web much on this pc.

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