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Full Version: Audacity: No Sound on Playback
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I am on Fedora 8. ABIT KN9 NF4ULTRA AM2 Motherboard, I use the onboard sound.

GIGABYTE GV-NX76G256D-RH video card.


My probelm was that I had no sound when I tried to play a .wav in Audacity sound editor.

I was able to record and export to .wav properly and the .wav would play in other apps, just not

in Audacity. This problem seemed to happen out of the blue. Long story short after trying

different playback devices and checking for muted channels in alsa mixer and the the panel

sound applet.


My solution, thanks to anyweb, was to make sure my system was updated. I just needed to update

the kernel and kmod-nvidia. Once I updated these packages, I was able to select the proper

playback device in Audacity's Audio I/O Preferences. The proper playback device for me

is OSS: /dev/dsp.

Thank you for the tip. That is just what I needed.