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Full Version: SB Live Issues
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New user of Linux Ubuntu 7.10 and I have a dual boot from XP to Ubuntu. Sometimes my audio does not work on XP and sometimes my audio does not work on Ubuntu. Have to constantly reboot one after another and eventually it will work. Tried finding software or driver for Linux but nothing.I would do away with XP but not getting anywhere with Ubuntu when I am constantly running into another problem.


I have a SB Live 5.1

Do you have an on-board sound card? Could be causing the problem in Linux. I know windows drivers for that card are bad anyway (I have the very same card). To fix in Linux, I had to disable my on-board sound card in the Bios (A certain Linux kernel would detect the On-Board card and change the sound card order). As for Windows, the best advice is to use the Microsoft drivers, as the creative one gave me a lot of trouble.


also see what Linux lists as audio controllers. (Not used Ubuntu for over 12 months, but should work)


sudo lspci | grep audio


Also, do your speakers have an auto power off mode, I used to own a set of Cambridge sound works which would auto power down, and for 80% of the time power back up just fine. Every now and again though, nothing. Sounds silly, but worth checking out.

You are right I went ahead and removed my Sb Live Card and it it work off my Integrated sounds produced through my Epox 8rda. SOmetimes when things dont work the way you want them too you dont think of the more logical reason why. LOL.