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Full Version: The unabated development of Fedora Linux
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Quote:IntroductionI use Linux every day and more often than not, it's Fedora based. The first linux distro I tried was Red Hat 5 and I still remember installing it multiple times in one day in order to gain a better understanding of Red Hat Linux. I stayed with Red Hat Linux right up until the last free version Red Hat 9. It was a superb release but marked the end of such releases from Red Hat and also the beginning of a new, more open, more co-operative (with the community) and more frequently updated operating system called Fedora.


When I originally wrote The Evolution Of Fedora Core Linux in 2006, I had yet to try Fedora's biggest competitor, Ubuntu and now, some 21 months later I've not only tried Ubuntu (please see my 30 days with Ubuntu 7.04 article) but I have stayed with Fedora unlike some people who seem unwilling to stay the course.


In this article I hope to cover the continuing development of Fedora over the years and give people a chance to learn a little bit more about it since the first release came to life back in November 2003, how the distro has matured and what to expect from Fedora 8 in a couple of days (November 2007).

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