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Full Version: ...use openssl with psybnc?
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i got a redhat9 linux machine with psybnc installed on it.

everything works fine but i want ssl support with my psybnc.

i got the newest version from and installed it...

when doing make menuconfig in psybnc directory it says:

"SSL-Support: No openssl found. Get openssl at"

i googled already and found out that some ssl libraries (libssl or something like that) are needed to get openssl work with psybnc!? but i can't find the rpm...

it would be great if anyone here could tell me how to get openssl work with psybnc!


thanks in advance.



p.s.: pls note that i am a real linux noob! although i installed and configured psybnc myself (which was not very hard to do ;)) i don't know much about linux!

first things first, do NOT use redhat 9, it is end of life, ie: not supported AT ALL, so using it means you are running the risk of being exploited, hacked, rooted, if you are not already.


use a modern day distro to do the same thing (supported) the latest 'red hat' departure is Fedora 7 and its very easy to install and use.


the rpm's are very easy to install in Fedora using the 'yum search openssl' and 'yum install' commands, yum wasn't even an option with Red Hat 9,


with fedora 7 you can install the ssl support with


yum install openssl.i386


so, please dump rh9 and get f7 and come back here and we'll help you




thx for the advice...i will change the system as soon as i can...

but at the moment it is not possible for me to chance the os the server is running on...

so pls could anyone help me with my problem!?


big thx.

please help me!



up2date -i openssl.i386


if that doesnt work (and it probably won't)


do this






rpm -Uvh openssl096b-0.9.6b-3.src.rpm