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Full Version: Which laptop supports Fedora 7 "out of the box"?
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Hello lads and lasses,


I've just gone back to linux again after running OSX for a few years now, and of course I have PPC, so not all software I would like to use runs on PPC, so I thought about getting a new laptop, with Intel of course.


My questions is as following; As I've become spoiled of the slick and simple design from Apple, I wonder if any of you know a nice looking laptop that Fedora supports "out of the box"?

As in, fully support the screen and graphics card, support the (if included) video/dvi out, all the other stuff that makes it usable and of course, the wireless card.


To make it easier, I'm not looking for the most powerful laptop. I just need 12" screen, 1GB RAM, 40GB HDD and 54Mbit wifi will do just fine for me, as long it is good looking, portable and affordable.


Looking forward reading your advice. Thanks in advance.

something with integrated intel video and intel wireless should work nicely