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Full Version: Ubuntu 7.10
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Ubuntu 7.10 was released yesterday.


I have tried it on a couple of computers, and here is what I have found out so far:

- I updated from 7.04 to 7.10, and I got a lot of bugs. My home made launchers do not work any more, slow response, non working internet, and many more things. I have read more about this, and this is quite common.

- I installed a fresh install on one computer, and the computer is running well.

- I Installed a fresh install on a computer. It runs ok, until I start using Firefox. Then the computer will hang, and I have to reboot it using my power button.


My tips:

If you are going to install Ubuntu 7.10, do a fresh install, not an upgrade.

Same thing happened to me. I had feisty and then couldn't upgrade to Gutsy using "sudo update-manager -d -c" so I had to backup my /home/user then did a fresh new install for Gutsy, and its been awesome so far. I like it :)

I have tested this a little further, and read around, and I have a little update.


On a little older systems, 3years and older, something weird happens. My system got a slow boot, both after fresh install and upgrade. It became a bit slow, and small bugs all over.


I did never figure out what this was, but filed bug reports, so it might be fixed.


I am now back on 7.04, and the computer I test on is running very well.

Done a bit of surfing, and I found something that explains the problems. Read more about it here.
It boged down my system :(