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I try to install SKYPE and suddenly after that i didnt able to go ADEPT MANAGER. I go to ADEPT and add third party one which called ..../skype/debian.. something like that. HOW CAN I CHANGE IT TO DEFAULT SETTINGS.RIGHT NOW I LIKE TO FORGET SKYPE AND GET MY ADEPT INSTALLER BACK O PLEASE HELP ME.I NEW TO LINUX JUST EXPERIMENTING WITH IT



Never really used adept manager because the APT package manager will do the same job in terminal. You should try to uninstall the skype using the APT from the terminal.


try to type this


sudo aptitude remove skype


Hope this helps

it says "...................reporties read only"

:( :( :(

help me plzzzzzzzzz

OK. Try to force it then.


sudo aptitude -f remove skype