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Full Version: sysctl net.ipv4.tcp_syncookies command returns unknown key
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[root@centos /]# sysctl net.ip4v.tcp_syncookies

error: "net.ip4v.tcp_syncookies" is an unknown key


in Centos 6


the issue may be that I'm following a slightly old manual (2009) which more often refers to Fedora/RHEL and very rarely Centos.  the key does exist under the path, I'm looking at it..


Thanks in advance for your help :-)
also, does anyone know a good IRC channel for Linux beginners?
ok, I need glasses..  should be ipv4!  well, at least I have joint a forum, even if it's a little quite ..
Welcome to the forums! :) sorry for late reply. forums haven't been very active. Glad you figured it out. You can join our irc channel. #linux and the linux mint channel (donno what server though) there seems to be nice people too.

Welcome to the forums! We're glad to have you here! :)



sysctl net.ip4v.tcp_syncookies


You've already noticed and pointed out that the issue here was mistyping ipv4 as ip4v, but I thought I'd clarify that was the issue here for anyone else reading. It happens to us all. :)