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Full Version: Vista and Fedora
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Its me..again...

well this forum has helped me alot!

now this should be my last problem.

I am using Windows Vista Ultimate and I want to be able to dual boot with Fedora 7...and vista HATES linux, and linux just wants to be friends wth vista..but vista is an ass...

so how do i get them to both work? is there like a third party botloader i can use becaus egrub doesn't seem to work with vista.


pls help me.






ps: this forum PWNS, thanks to everyone for helping me in the past! :)

if you install vista first then fedora, grub should be able to handle the boot just fine,


have you tried that ?

last time i did that vistas mbr went missing..

but i tried it, and it worked?? why didn't it last time?

Ohwell, it worked, ty anyweb!

i'/ve no idea why it didnt work last time, but i'm glad its working now :)