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Full Version: X-fi xtreme audio support problem
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I bought this card some time ago and was first very dissapointed that it had no support under linux, but with ALSA 1.0.15rc2 (which I compiled and installed) sound finally came out from my speakers :)There was no 5.1 or Line-in but I did not care because sound was great and I am not using Line-in and have a 2.1 system. But then, after a major glitch I upgraded to Ubuntu Gutsy from Feisty and there was no sound at all. I installed the drivers again, but still no use... :(

I wiped the system and installed feisty again but the same problem occured ... And since then I am not able to get ANY sound from the card using alsa...

The OSS driver works, but sound is buggy and distorted.....


Does anyone know how to solve this problem? o_O


P.S. I am very sorry for posting in the wrong thread. Can someone from the moderator group transfer it to hardware?

hmm are you absolutely sure that the sound ouput is not muted in anyway ?




in a command prompt (terminal) and scroll to the right, use the 'm' key to mute/unmute each channel


does that help ?

I did it. The alsamixer warты about muting the channels after installation. The first time when everything worked I just needed to raise the bar of Iec825 (or something similar). But now there is no bar on this channel only a small square. When I unmute it it just shows two zeros. :( I tried raising every channel I could to the max but nothing worked(. The card is working normal under windows so it is functioning properly. I tried OSS Alsa-oss and the LSD (Linux Sound Daemon)

and nothing works exept oss. But as I said earlier the sound is buggy and does not work in Flash with mozilla firefox or konqueror.


Now I understand that I made a bad choice when I bought this soundcard. The internal sound is no option because the sound quality is poor to say the least.

So either I solve this problem, or wait till I scrape up some money on a terratec card which is supported.

who manufactures this X-fi xtreme audio card ?
Ooops forgot to write the vendor. It is Creative (Creative Labs). Alsa-project says that my card is just a SoundBlaster Audigy SE that is modified a bit....

there IS a 64 bit driver available here on creatives website




if you have a 64 bit capable machine, and a 64 bit os then you could try that



! You have selected X-Fi XtremeMusic and Linux.

To receive support for a different product, click here.




BETA Drivers


Title Date


1. Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Series Linux 64-bit Beta Driver (8.37 MB) 24 Sep 07 Download Now Download Now


This download is a beta driver providing Linux
These drivers do not work with my card. It does not have an x-fi chip((( The drivers are handling all the effects... They are completely different from other x-fi but similar to the Audigy SE....

ok then, what is the EXACT model of your card, otherwise I cannot advise.




My exact model of the card is Creative X-fi Extreme Audio.

It has the CA0106 chipset.


The same is used in:

Sound Blaster Audigy SE

Sound Blaster Audigy Value.


The X-fi effects in this card are driver-enabled so that is why the new 64bit driver is not supporting it.

Creative made that move because it is making the card A LOT cheaper...

And it is apparently giving a headache to the Linux-users....

it seems you arent alone., sorry



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