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Full Version: Stop and Start Terminal
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When using a terminal you might be aware of the ^Q and ^S (that is Ctrl + q or Ctrl + s), these start and stop the terminal.


Say a terminal is scrolling lots and lots of information, obviously you can't read it, so you could do ^S, which would freeze the terminal at that point. Then you can read, do ^Q to start it again and so on.


Personally, in these days where terminals hold hundreds (or thousands) of lines there is little point. In fact most people probably just run the command again and use more/less to scroll the output.


I sometimes find that when I am using a terminal, with say irssi, that I accidently hit Ctrl+s. This will then cause irssi to stop and it will finally timeout and drop the server, needless to say a bit of a pain.


So here is the tip, you can unset the key press, ensuring that you don't accidentally hit the key.


$ stty stop ''


As simple as that. There is little need to unset the start key press as you will not be able to stop it now. You can add that line into you bashrc and then it will never affect you again.


For those that are interested you can see the current tty setup with:


$ stty -a


Never forget that every little niggle that can be removed can improve your productivity :)