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Full Version: install mandrake 10.0 using freedos
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I just bought a Compaq V6000 series laptop with freedos as the OS. I want to install Mandrake 10.0 (got the CDs) but I don't know anything about freedos. Is there an easy step-by-step process?

insert cd 1, boot system. press F11 (or F12, or whatever bios keystroke compaq uses for a ONE TIME boot MENU), then choose 'boot from cdrw/dvd',


once booted mandriva will start to load and you can install it normally,


having freedos on your laptop makes no difference whatsoever to how you install mandriva

Thank You. I found out the Mandriva disks were corrupted so I got Ubuntu. I've never used linux before and I'm finding it's a pretty steep learning curve. I've tried to download packages and install a firewall (gksudo gnome-lokkit) but the damn thing won't accept my password. I'm trying to be patient but I may break down and join the darkside soon (MS). Do you know if there are more than one password I need for my administrator tasks? My login is fine but when I need to do something it won't accept.

ubuntu only uses one password for your login and sudo (root)


however, linux is also case sensitive so make sure you are typing the password in the correct case (lower/UPPER)




My password is only four digits and it was only temporary as I intended to change it later (when I figure how to find the area where I can do this). The instruction software I received with this is all but useless. I search "change password" and it gives me a list of things not remotely related.


There's 2 critical things I want to do but I'm unable to: install the firewall and download WINE so I can open .exe files. I play poker online and the site I go to caters strictly to Windows users. I like Linux and I like the philosophy behind it but if it becomes too cumbersome to do things that came so easily on the "OS that shall not be named" then I will have to succumb. But I am determined to figure this out for the meantime.

I see that this thread is a little old -- nevertheless -- there are a lot of ways to install/run/configure a firewall on Linux, as well as get wine going. The easiest for both of these may be to use automatix ( It will get WINE, guarddog firewall, and a lot of other items going for you.

I wrote a little more about it here : Easy start for Ubuntu


For firewalls, also be aware that you can use a GUI tool like Synaptic Package Manager (System->Administration->Synaptic) or a command-line search to find things that match, e.g., "firewall." So, doing "apt-cache search firewall" will return a number of items, including firestarter, kmyfirewall, fwbuilder, guarddog, etc. which you should be able to install with "sudo apt-get install <package-name>".


In Ubuntu 7.04, firestarter is available from the Applications->Add/Remove menu. Also, the iptables firewall will be included in most Linux distros by default -- it is a little tricky to configure without some patience, however.