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Full Version: vmware tools help
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Hi there

I just installed red hat linux 9 on vmware and am having trouble getting vmware tools to install i found some instructions and this is what they tell me to do:

im already logged in as root


mount /dev/cdrom /mnt


cd /tmp


first 2 go fine but its the next




another tut tells me: tar zxf /mnt/vmware-linux-tools.tar.gz for the 3rd one.


i get an error saying that the destination directory doesn't exist! Can someone tell me exactly where it points to i know the iso with VMwareTools-6.0.0-45731.i386.rpm and VMwareTools-6.0.0-45731.tar.gz inside it is called linux.iso its in the main vmware directory and ive copied it to temp folder in c directory also directed vmware to where it is.


Any help would be appreciated, cheers i don't want spoon feeding i just want to know what the 3rd line refers to and where in my directory!


I've been googling since this morning and now its 21:41 I just get the same guides over and over and they are no help!

It seems you've lost some vitally important spaces in the command. It should look like:


rpm -Uhv /mnt/cdrom/VMwareTools-6.0.0-45731.i386.rpm


Try it like that and you should have more luck.


By the way, Red Hat 9 is very very old now, the support for it has ended, so you might want to consider moving to Fedora 7 - that is the latest version of your distro (Red Hat split into Fedora and the Enterprise version a while back).


Hope this helps. :)

i agree with hybrid


forget about rh9, its DEAD as in DEAD


seriously dead.


try fedora core release 6 or fedora 7 (latest) if you want to have a supported os




Thanks for that mate i did have fedora installed but checking a book out and the guy in it is using red hat so in order to follow him i thought id try it. When i installed fedora the gui was there straight away and didn't have to type anything to install the tools.

Anyway i think i will take your advice and reinstall fedora its got red hat in the name anyway. It was really hard to find the red hat installation and now i know why [img]<___base_url___>/uploads/emoticons/default_rolleyes.gif[/img]


Thanks again :)