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Full Version: Remote Into Ferdora 6 from an XP machine
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I am an extreme Linux noob any help would be greatly appreciated.

I need to know how to remote into my LTSP running fedora 6, from my windows xp workstation at work.

I do know how to use terminal commands, and things such as that. Please help, my boss says I need to figure this out in a hurry.

vnc will do it just fine,


simply start the server on your fedora box


then vnc from the xp box to the linux box.


once you've achieved that, then do vnc over ssh using putty in windows (to keep it secure)




Is there any special setup I need to do for the LTSP fedora6.

Which vnc program is best for use on an XP machine.

I know I sound redundant but I am a noob at this please help.

Quote:Which vnc program is best for use on an XP machine.

tightvnc is my preference for vnc from windows.