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Full Version: Small rant, but good-hearted.
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How do I install an RPM?


Ok, I am working on building a MythTV box using MythDora.

I have installed and played around with Linux in the past, starting with Redhat 5.1 way back when.

But I never really got in-depth into it.

More of just installing the OS, playing around with some of the included programs, then wiping it and putting XP back on.


Well, now I am going to go all out and build a linux box that I want to keep and learn how to use.

So, I download the MythDora iso, burn it, install it.

Small problems, but it has more to do with my hardware than Linux, so I'll move on.


Ok, I get it all installed. It comes with a VNC viewer already installed, which is great since that is what I use on my network at home.

I have 6 computers all hooked up, but only one monitor.

I use a switch box for 4 of them, then VNC only for the other 2.


But there seems to be something wrong with the RealVNC view that is installed by default.

It won't let me connect to my other computers by name or IP address.

I can ping them just fine, though.


So, I thought, maybe, MAYBE, RealVNC just doesn't like the Ultr@VNC that I use on the others.

So, I go and download TightVNC thinking that might work.

Well, it comes in an RPM format. Great, I think. MythDora is based off Fedore Core, so that should work fine.


So I got the packages downloaded, but being a newb, I try to double-click them, but a box pops up asking what program I want to use to open them.

Huh? It's an RPM, shouldn't it install?

Then I remember something about right-clicking and picking some unpacking option.

Nope, not there either.

So, I go back to the Tight VNC website thinking maybe they had some install instructions.


Then that seemed to be the dominant theme wherever I looked.

I tried Googling Install VNC in Linux.

Got a lot of replies, but they all seemed to just say: Ok, now install VNC, then after it is installed......BAH!

Just about everywhere I looked it just said the same thing: Ok, install VNC now, then......

I think that was why I never was able to get far in learning linux. So many things just assumed you knew how to do something.


So, I decided I would do it from the command prompt.

Ok, got terminal, cd to the right directory.

rpm -ivh tightvnc-etc {enter}

Not a valid package.




Ok, maybe it is corrupt.

Go back to the website again. re-download.



Ok, MythDora is a mutant of Fedora.

It automatically logs you on as a user named MythTV.

So, I log out and log in as root.

No Joy.


I turned it off and went to bed.

Now I am a little calmer today at work, so I am going to try to find some more information about how to install TightVNC.

I need n00b hand-holding step-by-step directions on this.


Good luck to me, I guess.


Thanks for letting me get this off my chest.


after you cd to the dir

do like you were doing

but after you start to type the name of the file hit the tab key to complete the file name

what might be happening is you might not see the whole file or you can do ls -la to see the full name

I hope that helps you with problem