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Full Version: Sound problem
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right, i just installed my first distro of linux today and i'm still finding my feet with it. i've been trying to get sound working but in YaST i always get an error when manually selecting the soundcard (USB Audiophile). the error is as follows


An eror occured during the installation of


Audiophile 24/96


The kernel module snd-ice1712 for sound support could not be loaded. This can be caused by incorrect parameters, including invalid IO or IRQ parameters


anyone got any ideas on how to resolve this?




which suse release is this exactly ?



alsaconf doesn't find it at all btw

Hey, not sure if you've seen this yet, but I believe you need to make sure you install support for that ice driver. Check this post out

and I hope it helps make a bit more sense....




I would just guess that by default, SuSE does not install the support for those cards. I use SuSE myself and I know that alot of times, while everything that is a "normal" everyday

type app will work perfect, as soon as you leave the "normal" world, thats when ya gotta start diggin a bit.