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Full Version: ipod backup
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i have recently switched to fedora core 6 linux from windows. before i did the install i backed up all my music & other files onto my ipod, as a external hardrive.


now how do i get them off the ipod onto my harddrive so i can listen to them. and what program would you suggest for putting music/videos onto my ipod (5G)


thank you

when you connect the ipod i presume that it is via usb ? if so then does it show up as an icon on your desktop in gnome ? if it does you can use nautilus (gnomes file manager) to copy/paste data to/from the ipod


if you are using firewire then let us know




You could use a music player like amaroK to do it OR maybe use a program called gtkpod. There is others that can integrate with your iPod.
ok i got it working now thanks for the help though

i was wondering maybe you can help me.


I deleted all of the songs in my itunes from my computer, but kept them in my ipod. How do i go about getting those songs back on my computer?


thank you.