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Full Version: I broke My yum fc6
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I was trying to get firefox to play vids through mplayer plugin and couldn't find my mozilla I decided to try installing firefox 2.0 so I would know where the folder I needed would be - first problem started here: I couldn't start my browser so i removed what I did and voila! browser works again.

Now I can't get yum or the add/remove app to do anything now add/remove wont even start and yum just displays 'loading "installonlyn" plugin' and it just stays there for as long as I leave it alone. :/

did you try a reboot ?


or as root


ps aux |grep yum


and then kill the pid with


kill -9 pid


then retry your yum request

Yup I'm a dork started working after I rebooted now I'm just curious as to why it happend?

thanks for the help though

I wouldnt worry about it, yum sometimes gets confused, and when this happens killing the process or restarting the computer usually helps