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Full Version: XP installed need help dual booting with Suse.
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Hello all,


I have a 55gb hard drive, that currently has 2 partitions (rounded figures)


part 1 = Windows XP, 50 gb's big, 25 gb's used 24 gbs free NTFS Primary

part 2 = recovery partition 7 gb's big FAT32 Primary


I want to add OpenSuse 10.2 64 edition, I have norton partition manager to resize and split which I believe may be needed? I don't need any more room for windows so could put 20 gb's for linux but im unsure of what I need to know, and what partition type the split should be, is it even a split? extend? no idea!


Help much appreciated


Thanks in advance.

first of all, back up your DATA before doing any re-partitioning of your hard disc,


then i'd advise you to use partition magic 8 or better to partition a 10gb (or bigger) BLANK partition on your hard disc


you can then install suse on that partition and the suse setup will in turn re-partition that partition into several others,


installing suse will also install GRUB which will manage dual boot between XP/linux.