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Full Version: Adaptec 1420SA Img
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I have an adaptec 1420SA in PCIX and want to install FC6 x86_64 on the spare 20Gb partition. My problem is I am unable to find an img for this distro. There are several for RHEL 3,4 suse etc but none I can find for FC (of any version to be honest)


Can anyone help me with this? This will be the first time I have installed Fedora on a non-standard drive (my other linux box has an IDE disk so its not an issue).


please please help (desperately trying to do this one without resorting to the unix sys-ads at work - its a proving thing...)



looks like no


check this quote


Quote:From Me: 

Create-date : 08/31/05 08:29:53

OS : Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 4.x

Problem : 08/31/05 08:29:53 ardev1

Are there any Fedora Core Drivers in the works for this card. I need

to get it up with Fedora Core 4. Thanks.


Their Solution (?):


Webmail Solution : 08/31/05 08:50:02 mal23095

Greetings from Adaptec,


Unfortunately, we do not support Fedora Core and currently there are no plans to do so. Since this card is also based on Host RAID technology, there is no source code available. If you need a card that will work in Fedora core we would recommend one or our regular sata or SCSI raid cards such as the 2410 (SATA) or 2120 (SCSI). There are no drivers for these cards in Fedora Core, but the source code is available for users to compile a driver for their particular O/S.


Thank you for contacting Adaptec Technical Support

and theres much more to read