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Full Version: Installing stuff in FC6
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Hey dudes!


I am using FC6 for like a month or so and still I find it hard to install stuff when they come in ".tar.bz2" or such formats.

Take my latest find for an example, "mupen64-0.5.tar.bz2".

It's allready binaries so I don't have to compile it (like I have to do with a source.....which I really don't understand :P)


In mepis this should be just unpack and click the Mupen64 file.

But since I run FC6, I have to install it.....and that's where I get stuck.

I still don't know howto do that.


Could you guys help me out here?

I wanna play some N64 (Zelda, Perfect Dark, Mario64, Mario Kart 64, Wave Race) on my laptop while I'm sitting in the train.

scroll down to section 4 in the PDF file included in the DOC folder of this zipped up file


mupen64-0.5.tar.bz2\mupen64-0.5\doc - TAR+BZIP2 archive, unpacked size 5,530,293 bytes


it tells you how to install it


tar zxf mupen64-0.5.tgz

(to untar it)












make install


that's it !




thanx dude! now I can play around with it :) it working, now it can't find the damned plugins!




Well I found an RPM, but it has the same problem.....NO PLUGINS and I can't configure it with the plugins that are simply says there are none.

eh... if u would have run it under the terminal it gives u sumthing like CANNOT OPEN so just google that and install it
yum install compat-libstdc++-33