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Full Version: new service to our members !
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hi guys,


first of all thanks to Ritter for pointing this out to me,


secondly thanks to znx and grep for testing it, and thirdly thanks to google for providing the service !


quick FAQ


1. what is this ?


it's a gmail account with a difference, instead of you'll get


2. how do I sign up ?


contact directly (for now) with the following info


desired username=




3. how do I access it ?


Once you have been provided with the temporary password to login, please go to


[/url][url=] and login !


please note: this is still in TESTING phase at the moment but I hope to have it rolled out properly soon.



4. known issues ?


currently until i redirect mail provider, you can only SEND mail using your new email address,


replies to that address will not reach your inbox,


I will fix that soon.


feel free to test this by emailing ME with your new email account and the subject 'testing'




[img]<___base_url___>/uploads/emoticons/default_laugh.png[/img] weeee .. ta anyweb!


login for the e-mail service is:


6 signed up so far cmon dudes !


i'll move the mail exchangers over this weekend if i get time so the email addresses will be fully functional




A quick public thanks to anyweb for my account - peter at (said domain). :P


Thanks (trying to avoid the spam already ;)) :)

this is now fully operational,


please test and feedback ANY issues to me directly in this thread.




Email in/out seems to be working awesomely well over here.


GAFYD looks quite interesting actually.

Quote:Email in/out seems to be working awesomely well over here. 

GAFYD looks quite interesting actually.

And here's how to add a list of the latest posts on L-N to your Personalised Linux-Noob homepage!


Click on Add Content on the left, then at the bottom, paste in the following URL:




Click Add, and now you can see the latest posts on your personalised homepage!

Thanks for the account, Anyweb!


Ritter (at)

I've now added [/url][url=] to the list of services available to you guys


fyi... check it out




This sounds awesome, this will for sure cement my ub3r l337ness. Ladies, take a number. There's enough kabifff for everyone!
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