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Full Version: Do You Miss the "Win Key" in Linux?
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The credit for figuring out how to do this goes out to Scott from TheOpenSourceWeblog.


I had dugg this tutorial or "how to" a few weeks ago, and although there were only 9 diggs, I still figured it was a trick worth mentioning around here.


Quote:Coming from Windows myself, I used the "win key" or the "super" key heavily to get to the Start menu, but now after switching to Linux with the KDE desktop, I sure do miss that key. And I'm too lazy to press Alt+F1. This is a guide that will get that "win key" working in Linux again. Although it's a guide for KDE, it can work in GNOME as well.
Here's the direct linky:



Here's the link if you want to digg it:


Ah yes .. the 'Win' key .. what magic that is :)Nice simple howto!

interestingly enough, in SLED10 (which I'm running now) the Win key brings up the SLED 'computer' menu (just like the start menu)


no modifications required at all,