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Full Version: Linux packag List.
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Can somebody help me, how to find out the packages that been install to my computer(Linux).

Is there any command to do that..?

What distrobution are you using?

If its under Fedora (yum systems) you can do:


yum list installed | more


You can also do this with RPM (suse, mandrake, etc) with:

rpm -qa | more


To scroll through the "more" lists hit enter or space bar.


Not sure about slackware .. but I believe you can search and it will tell you if its installed or not.

swaret --search package


For debian systems:

dpkg --list | grep '^ii'


That should do it too.

gentoo : emerge -ae world


Gives a listing of all files emerged, some maybe missed because they were installed using -1 (--one-shot) which means they aren't added to the world list. Im not sure how you would find these, but there shouldn't be very many.

Quote:gentoo : emerge -ae world

Under gentoo you could list like this:

ls -d /var/db/pkg/*/*


I believe that will list all the packages installed.

yum list installed | more




rpm -qa | more


seems working for my fedora.




Thank You.