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Full Version: My KDE-desktop [SUSE 10.1]
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Yay! I finally made it to the linux-world a little while ago.

Here's my lovely desktop! As the title says, KDE-desktop in SUSE 10.1 <3


[Image: 7538.jpeg]


Any comments? ^^

(btw, the whole system is in norwegian! :) )

it looks lovely, welcome to the forums and to linux :)




Ah .. that looks beautiful, I always like nature wallpapers :)


Oh .. welcome and congrats on entering the Linux world!

Thank you both. ^^ I also like the nature-desktop, and I also like linux.


But! I got this new wallpaper on my desktop! Because I also like Pok

Quote:The only thing is that I want a dock on the right! As you see I'm 'faking' one, but I want a real one in KDE! :( I don't think there is any docks to have in KDE... That's sad. If anyone can help me.. please say it here or mail me at !!I am thankful for all help!

You could try out kxdocker. Not sure if it goes on the right side, but it certainly is a good replacement for KDE's panel. Download links to a SUSE packaged version here.