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Full Version: details of config files that need to be modified??
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hello members


Guess this is a really dumb question for u geeks out there, but am just

a beginner & therefore wud appreciate a detailed reply....


I have just copied the first CD of FedoraCore5 onto my HDD... It has

around 670 RPM's... well, I have deleted around 200 RPM's ( am in the

process of learning to Strip packages down )...


I have gone thru the functionality of each package before i have deleted it... fust FYI, its not been done randomly.....


My question is, Do I now just Burn this new ( changed CD1 folder ) as

an Image ??? Or are there any config files / other files that need to

be changed before i can do this?????


I realise that this is not a very straight forward process & doing a basic install & then deciding on packages is probably a better idea... Unfortunately this is a project requirement, therefore Plz help me out...


Thanks in advance.....





why are you doing this exactly ? sounds like you are getting into deep water


rpm files (redhat package manager) usually are 'tied' to other rpm files, so for example deleting one, may impact another package (or more)


therefore simply editing a config file which lists these packages may not be enough, you might need to approach your original problem differently, so do please tell us what exactly is your goal