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Full Version: Using the console without booting X
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In order to install some drivers for my system i need to run a few commands in the terminal.


However the program it boots wont do its thing if X is active.


Im running Fedora core 5, and it just boots right into x which takes my user information and loads a desktop.


I tried using the commandline in X without booting KDE, but it still wouldnt do it, it wants no X at all.


How do i get Fedora to boot a Terminal w/ out booting X? Do i need some command line parameters in my GRUB?

login as root


su -


then edit a file called 'inittab'


vi /etc/inittab


change the id:5 to id:3


save the file by typing :wq then reboot


to revert back to X change the 3 back to 5


or issue 'startx' as a normal user