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Full Version: Mandrake 2006
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I recently downloaded all 3 Mandrake 2006 ISO's and then went on to install it. Everything went fine until I tried to boot it after install. It went through all the checks (new hardware etc) and then after that it goes to a black screen with a solid dash in the top left of the screen (doesn't blink). It never changes from this screen. I am a linux noob so any answers would be greatly appreciated :)

what are the last messages you see on screen before the flashing _


and did you do a CD MEDIA check on the iso's before burning them ?




Last message I saw was:

Starting mDNS Responder


and what/how do you do a CD Media check on iso's?

Well 2 things...


#1 - Actually it was: Starting mDNSResponder

No big difference but thought I would correct that.




#2 - I tried downloading and installing mandriva one from a mirror and the same thing happens. As it is booting it goes to the black screen after the same message as above.


P.S. - I also tried 10.1 and that is the only version that worked for me so far but I would rather have an updated version.