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Full Version: Highly Annoying Problem!
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Well, hello again, linux-noobs. It's been a while. I figured I'd come back to the best linux help site for, well, some help!


I just installed Core 5 (a few times, actually) over FTP because I don't have any blank CDs left. It all works very well, just not very fast.


Fast forward to the real problem, whenever I shut down after logging in the first time, upon reboot it takes about 3-4 minutes to start sendmail and about a minute to start sm-client. WTF??


That, I can live with.


The really bad part is, after it boots, it freezes when X is supposed to start. So, I switched to singleuser and vim'd /etc/inittab to start in runlevel 3. That at least gives me a useable console. However, if I try startx or gnome-session it up and freezes on me. I "fixed" it one time by purposely breaking my xorg.conf, and was able to get back into the GUI, but it just borked itself again when I restarted!


Getting frustrated, even Gentoo is starting to look easy now!

And I would have stuck with that, if it didn't hate my integrated graphics card...


Any suggestions??


Thanks, LN!