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Full Version: Fedora Core release 5 out next week
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well with the imminent release of Fedora Core release 5 next week (March 15th), are you going to do the Red Hat team justice and download/install this cutting edge distro ?


I know that I will !, in fact, I can't wait :)


I'm hoping that it will ship with Gnome 2.14, however that is sceduled for release on the same day so I dunno...


vote !





Although I am sticking with gentoo, I will install it to give it a buzz, I'm always interested in looking at the new distros
Yes, definitely. I've been playing around with FCR5 Test 3 and it is a very good distro :).



I would just like to say Fedora has been pushed back until the 20th of this month.



that's no surprise


gnome 2.14 is released on the 15th


guess what version of gnome will be in FCR5 ?






I will stick with gentoo thank you to znx! :P

Quote:I will stick with gentoo thank you to znx! :P

Hehe im with yardy on this one, partly because im not sure how to install another distro without screwing this up, and partly because gentoo is so gr8 ;)