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Full Version: Gentoo Installation
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If you don

Nice - spread the gentoo love :).


If you have another computer, I'd recommend doing a remote install - that way you can browse docs, etc while doing the install.


boot as described. Once you get the prompt,

#net-setup eth0

set the ip and stuff so you can get to it.


set the root password

#/etc/init.d/sshd start

start the sshd demon.


now you can continue the installation from the other machine using ssh (from linux) or putty (from windows) is also a great place to get quick help

Gentoo installation was just as hectic as Arch Linux.. but i got them both to work.. currently installing Fedora 6 to see which one i like better its a showdown


Gentoo vs Arch vs Fedora who will win? Arch linux is in the lead if only they utitilzed a GUI installer or LiveCD installer like Gentoo... sigh...

arch hektik? u asure.. it's easy.. porlly easy as mandriva..


gentoo was easy too... [ ewll following teh manual] it was.. i only doen it once, was my first time.. but it's a pain in teh ass.. cos i don't liek waiting lol.. and plus arch linux on my machine N-XI is faster, fastest OS ever.