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Full Version: upgrading packages
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hello ! I would like to know what exactly would i need to do so i can update a package . let`s say i have apache 1.3.2 and i would like to update it to 1.3.3 but i would like to do it without a packet manager and do it using source .( I`m using slackware btw) . I dont think removing and reinstalling would do the trick . sorry for the dumb question , i just want to understand how it works . thanks and because this is the first time I`m posting , I would like to say that the website is very useful . keep on the good work . cheers

your best bet is installing swaret.. google for it.. it will be your first hit.. download it and use installpkg swaret.tgz to install it.


then edit the config.. /etc/swaret.conf and it allows you to pick the version of slackware you run.. it might be defauling to like 10.2.. change that to current


This will grab the latest and greatest slackware packages that have been approved. Also you will be running the newest version of slackware when they release it if you update from the current branch. Like i have been updating from the current branch since 8.1 and I have never had to do a upgrade via CD