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Full Version: Mount iso images
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yes as the topic title said... how do i mount iso images onto a virtual drive of some sort so that it can read the iso's contents so that i dont ahve to burn them to disks? wat program do i use?

mount -t iso9660 -o loop,user CD.iso /path/to/mount


weee .. all you need is iso9660 support in your kernel (ie can you read cds :))

same thing if its a .cue or .bin image?

Well, this only works with images that have only one data track. Most (all?) CUE/BIN images have several tracks. Use CDemu if you want to mount these. If there are movies on the disc you can play them directly with mplayer or xine:


mplayer cue://vcd.cue
xine vcd://vcd.cue

and how do i unmount?

umount /path/to/mount



ahh simple enough thx :)