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Full Version: Fedora Core Release 4 on P2
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Fedora Core 4 will work fine on Pentuim II?

if not, what linux will?



Quote:Fedora Core 4 will work fine on Pentuim II?if not, what linux will?



According to the official requirements:


Quote:Minimum: Pentium-class

what release will work fine on P2?

standart P2

Snipping the important bits:


Quote:"Fedora Core 4 is optimized for Pentium 4 CPUs"
This means that they expect you to be using P4's as that is the default that they use to prepare the RPMs. 

Quote:"but also supports earlier CPUs"

This means that any of the so called x86 (sometimes called i386) CPUs will work with it. So yes your Pentium II is fine and will work with it, you will just experiement some performance loss.


lol a Frind want to get ride of his comp so i took it...P2...

i have insert the Fedora Core 4 first CD into the comp and it sad the reading was FAIL!


Did you confirm that the md5 of the iso file was good? Also what about the burn, was it also good?


You might find that your machine cannot boot CD's ?

my machine biit CentOS 3

and Fedora 3

how to burn the MD5?

i shod only put it on one dir with the FEDORA...or not?

i dont know....