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Full Version: Fedora 16 XFCE Screenshot
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Here's a screenshots of my netbook(<span style="font-family:Trebuchet MS, Verdana, Tahoma"><span style="font-size:10px"><span style="font-size:10px"><span style="color:#444444"><span style="color:#515151">Asus Eee 12.1" 1215B-SIV128M) running on Fedora 16 XFCE. I actually like it alot better than Gnome 3. If All linux distros decide to use Gnome 3. I'm switching to XFCE



[Image: Screenshot%2520-%252001132012%2520-%2520...2520AM.png]

With a bit of editing you can make it look almost like gnome 2 setup. But I did it a little different. Looks pretty nice actually :)I can get used to this.


[Image: Screenshot%2520-%252001142012%2520-%2520...2520AM.png]

Looks good!