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Full Version: vlc/media bdmv file
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I downloaded a bluray disk containing two directories: BDMV and CERTIFICATE. Below that are some more directories.

example: streaming, playlist etc. I can play the files one by one. But I actually want to play it as if it were a disk. Cuz

it's an interactive video type thing where you can click through the menu's. Been looking around

but not been able to figure it out yet.

VLC has an option to "open directory" (it's "open folder" on this netbook). I've used this (or "open disk") and browsed to a directory containing VOB files and played them as though it were a DVD with menus, etc.


Not sure about bluray formay, but you may want to give one of those a go - VLC may detect the right "index file" to use.

I did try that, didn't work play it like a normal dvd/disk. Just looked for all the playable files in the folder and played them in random order. Not able to see any menu's and not able to click on anything. Will see what I can find on the net.