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Full Version: WMF flaw in windows
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no patch available as of today (jan/3/2006)


but there are two workarounds


try this


start/run then paste the below in


regsvr32 -u shimgvw.dll


or get the unnoficial patch from f-secure here




details are here






I've downloaded this patch (the unofficial one detailed on the link above) and it seems to have worked for me. Until the official patch is released, though, I'll just browse in Linux. :)


I don't think the shimgvw.dll workaround actually protects you from all potential exploits, but then the unofficial patch is unofficial, so no guarantees about the stability of that made.

the official Microsoft patch is now on windowsupdate


so get updating !


Quote:Security Update for Windows XP (KB912919) A remote code execution security issue has been identified in the Graphics Rendering Engine that could allow an attacker to remotely compromise your Windows-based system and gain control over it. You can help protect your computer by installing this update from Microsoft. After you install this item, you may have to restart your computer.

How to Uninstall

This software update can be removed via Add or Remove Programs in Control Panel.

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