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Full Version: USB only partially working
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I have recently installed Fedora Core 4 on my home computer as a dual boot system so that I can play with and learn Linux. So far, I have liked what I have seen and the more I see, the more I like it. However, I have one problem that I haven't been able to "google" an answer to.


My computer has USB ports on the rear and on the front. All the ports work but certain devices will only work in certain ports.


For example, my mp3 player will not work when plugged into the front ports. My USB flash key also will not work from either of my front ports. However, both devices work perfectly fine if I pull the computer out of my desk and plug either device into the rear ports.


I know the front ports work because I do not have any trouble with them under Windows XP. Further, my digital camera works perfectly fine on the front ports.


The connection light on each device doesn't even come on to show that it is receiveing power from the USB port, but the hard drive starts accessing files (presumably to try to get the devices to work) as soon as any device is plugged in.


Am I missing something? Does Linux (or Fedora) not support more than two active ports at a time? Did Microsoft hijack my computer to only allow those ports to work right under Windows?


If it helps, I am not a complete idiot. I am very experienced in computer hardware and software and hold several Microsoft network certifications. However, I am a "noob" when it comes to Linux...but that is why I am learn more and become as proficient in Linux as I am in Windows.


Can anyone help me?




copy and paste the results of dmesg here


as root do


dmesg >dmesg.log


then paste the log here