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Full Version: fbdesk
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I've been trying to use fbdesk using the following tutorial:




I get the following errors when running it:


elrond@rivendale ~ $ fbdesk -rc ~/.fluxbox/fbdesk
Loading: [/home/elrond/.fluxbox/fbdesk.icons]
Warning: Empty icon file, creating one icon.
Load pixmap failed! ()
Using default pixmap
Warning: Failed to save icons to file: /home/elrond/.fluxbox/fbdesk.icons
Warning: Failed to save icons to file: /home/elrond/.fluxbox/fbdesk.icons


As you can probably tell the tutorial is not very detailed on where this information goes, or how to set it up. From what i have gathered it all goes in the init of ~/.fluxbox/init. After doing so you add the icond to ~/.fluxbox/fbdesk.icons. The problem is it never saves or uses the actual icons you tell it to, instead it uses a default icon...