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Full Version: How to install SlaKware with a 2.6 kernel
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How to install SlaKware with a 2.6 kernel on one hd which is not meant for a dual boot, or else you will have to install lilo as expert(you've been warned)



I would like to share my SlacKware install experience with all you noobs out there & speacial thanks to Jy on #linux-noob who helped me quite a lot to accoimplish what i did, while the rest i had to figure out on my own cause people are not allways at your disposal.


lot's of people out there will tell you that slacK is not for any noob,but there is no harm by trying out a great distro cause you will never know what you are missing & once you get it working right, you will be proud of what you have done but you still have a lot to do later on.


Why compile a 2.6 kernel while SlacK 10.2 comes with a test 2.6 kernel,true you will learn a lot by compiling a new kernel,but if you are a noob it will be a pain in the but & you will end up like me by compiling for about 15 times & i ended up by frying my brain out,anyways,it was a great experience & i learned a lot.


Once someone told me that the difference between m$ & nix is that (m$ thinks for you while you will have to think for linux) thanks bofh', which is true.


nix demands a lot of reading & understanding,now let's cut down all the bull & start installing slacK.


1)go get yourself the 2 install is0 images of this great distro [/url] & (you only need these 2 for the install) you are not obliged to use these links,just google for the slaK10.2 & get em.


2)boot from the 1'st cd you will be prompted with boot: (don't just press enter,read what you've got in front of you & try to understand what you are doing,press f3 & see all the different option's you've got), i opted for the test26.s cause this tuto is about installing slaK with a 2.6 kernel, You know there is something new and better than what you have by default, so why bother to use a 2.4 kernel.


3) boot:test26.s & follow the menu, you will be prompted to choose your keyboard language,check to see if your keyboard is set to it's language & then press 1.


4)now you will be promted with #slackware: just type root & on we go.


5)before we go anywhere you will have to partition your hd & addswap the rest of your hd will be for your system( mine is 80GB where i gave 2048+M for swap & the rest for my linux system),hope you know how to use fdisk where i will not be covering fdisk here,if you do not know how to use it check this link out to get an idea [url=] you do not have to do as many partitions,just one for swap & the rest you will attribute to your system,when you get much more familiar with the distro you can re-install & partiton your hd in a different way.


5)when you finish partitioning & w the changes you will be prompted with #root, just type setup & a beautifull green screen with the slackware linux will show up,remap your keyboard & then set your swap partition,again,read & understand what you are doing,continue on with target for your linux install partition & install from slacKware cd or dvD where you will be prompted to select your packages,don't change anything,just leave it the way it is ,then make a full install.


6) grab yourself a nice cold beer & toke on a cigarette.


7)install linux kernel will be prompted & it will put you directly on the line of test26.s bzimage,hit enter then you will be asked to make a boot disk,where i skipped this part cause i do not have a floppy disk on my box & 2ndly you have the install cd to boot with & repair in case...


8)modem configuration,i skipped this too cause i am on dhcp & i will configure my network later on.


9)configure your mouse,if it's a usb choose usb


10)install lilo & choose simple & when you are prompted to select lilo target location choose MBR (use the master boot record (possibly unsafe).


11)configure your network which i suppose you know how to do


12)select default window manager leave don't touch


13)root passwd


14)& soon we will be rebooting


15)reboot & when you are prompted type root & your passwd


16)adduser whatever you want & when you finish adding your normal user exit & return to root


17)mkdir /home/whatever_you_want


18)insert the cd n