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Full Version: installing linux from usb
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I'm going to be installing SL from a usb device once I get my netbook. I've found various ways to install it.


1. I've tried it but doesn't seem to work.

2. Not sure if you're able to use the full install iso and if not if you can install from the livecd.

3. Read on serveral forums that it should work


Anyone have any experience with these, if so please share your experiences.

Tried out both unethbootin and liveusb creator. liveusb creator seemed to work for me and unetbootin didn't work. And I'm able to install SL from livecd/dvd. Now I can go ahead and buy my netbook.

I used unetbootin to install a XBMC shuttle PC, the Ubuntu tower for the missus, as well as a test Win7 image on my new hardware - it all worked fine for me.


There *are* some issues with adding propriety modules and drivers into each OS - in the case of Ubuntu, I let a standard image install then fixed things with apt once it was up and running (and on the network). Win7 was slightly more problematic - a friend sorted out the RAID controller drivers for me on that front - but that was something more to do with the OS seeing specific BIOS settings. XBMC (Debian) was a nightmare initially trying to configure X to a suitable resolution, but Anyweb's thread about nVidia drivers (the .run script) fixed that for me, once I sorted out which modules I needed.