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Full Version: fedora 4 update kills xorg ?
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Fedora recently released an update to fix some security problems in xorg amongst other things, unfortunately in doing so they regressed some of the intel drivers thereby producing garbled video for anyone running say intel 915 chipset with intel onboard graphics,


for more info read here




and for a quick rpm fix download and install these i386 rpm's




or as root do this


wget -nd -r -l1 --no-parent -A.rpm
rpm -Uvh xorg*.rpm


kudos to yarddog for the info




GREAT JOB! thanks alot this patch works great a real nice fix :)

more from yarddog (on IRC/#linux-noob (EFNET))


Quote:yarddog If anyone is having video problems on Intel (or other) video hardware still after the latest FC3/FC4 xorg updates, please run "yum install xorg-x11" again, and then "rpm -qa |grep xorg-x11" to ensure you really are using the latest update. 

yarddog Then if your problems still persist, please read bug [/url][url=] and review comment #13 for troubleshooting tips.