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Full Version: RHEL 6.1 Screenshot
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[Image: RHEL6.png]
ah, reminds me of centos and gnome 2

Quote:ah, reminds me of centos and gnome 2

Yeah cuz they are clones :P It looks mostly the same. Only all the redhat stuff is in there and I got redhat repo's and I have support when running into problems.

Like registrating/unregistering and updating subscription certificate problems. But I I like it actually like it. Don't really mind paying for a good product. In SL I installed

3rd party repos and disabled them and only used them to install packages that aren't in the standard repos. Someone else on another forum said that's not a good

idea. But that doesn't make sense to me. Cuz for installing vlc you need rpmforge. What's your thought or knowledge on that?


I got the info from here and since SL is a RHEL clone. I would think it won't be a problem if I do it like that