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Full Version: starting PCMCIA before Eth0
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Hi all, I hope somebody can help me out.

I have an old dell Insprion 3500 laptop that is dual boot with W2K and Fedora Core 2. Thats not the problem, I know how to remove winblows....

In the laptop there is a Xircom PCMCIA 10/100 +56K ethernet / modem card. On boot up the computer tries to bring up Eth0 before it has started the PCMCIA services, and so fails. Its easy enough to sort out manually with a "service network restart" but a bit of a pain. Does anybody know how I change settings so that the PCMCIA starts before Eth0 ??

Thanks in advance,


Go to "cd /etc/rc`runlevel|gawk '{system("echo "$2"")}'`.d/" and change the start order. The smaller the number the earlier the system gets started. S is for start, K for kill (system halt/reboot).