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Full Version: Protecting your box in an emergency
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What's the best way to disable terminal and modem logins in an emergency panic situation?


I know you can set the file /etc/securetty to contain only the local console device, or just comment the rest of the contents, but what are the other options?

er nope.. ;)


i would use /etc/nologin, simply type:


touch /etc/nologin


If a file called /etc/nologin exists, no user can log in. Only root can be logged in on the console (important this.. as root cannot login remotely). This is what you need when you want a fully operational system with networking active etc but dont want the users. Of course the users that are currently logged in will remain so.

You could also init 1 this will put you in Single user mode
I would vote for "shutdown -h now". :)

Quote:I would vote for "shutdown -h now". :)



how about:


rsh z0ny shutdown -h now