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Full Version: How to upgrade from FC2 to FC3
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Hey, here is a neat way to upgrade from FC2 to FC3 without doing a clean install, but using apt-get.


First you must find the apt repositories from somewhere, I used this page right here: Fedora Apt/Yum Repositories list.


Now go to your server and doing as root and backup the apt sources.list

cd /etc/apt
cp sources.list sources.backup


Now, edit the sources.list. Remove everything inside and replace with the apt links from the Fedora Apt/Yum Repositories list.


Save and exit, then do an update and upgrade with apt-get.


apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade -y


This will take a while :)When finnished, reboot and you will have Fedora Core 3.


I dont know if this is a good way for doing it but it worked for me, so far so good.



Thats a neat little trick :)you can also place the fedora 3 cd into your cdrom and

it will allow you to choose an upgrade installation :)

nice info


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