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Full Version: Knoppix 3.36
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More frequently (for my work), i use XP because most Macromedia & Adobe developers don't make their products targeted towards linux-based communities (to my knowledge).


In a nutshell, my XP is temporarily "dead".


And (more then ever right now) Knoppix is the bestest thing in the whole wide world. B)


Only problem, is that i'm a complete linux N00B and because of my crazy schedule @ school i'm at a loss for copius time (or brianpower) to ingest mountainloads of linux FAQs & "How to" docs (though i am trying whenever i can!).


1.) How well can i trust Knoppix 3.36 by itself w/o a firewall (or does it have a built-in firewall? o.O)


2.) Is there an open-source firewall in the works or already out there?


3.) Besides just copying over files to my root dir (where i have my recently corpse-ified XP installed & since the data on my drive is still good with copius backups left to do!) how do i install Knoppix onto my system?


4.) Does installing a 2nd OS (i.e. Knoppix) conflict with an already-installed OS? Or am i now forced to resort to creating a partition for it?


5.) If argument = "true" to latter q.4.) , then is there a way to set up an "emergency activation of said "partition" in case of XP breakdown a 2nd, 3rd or 4th time" ? -or does that just happen in hollywood? o_O



6.) Is there decent CD-burning software on the Sourceforge/general open-source market?


7.) Is there a decent 5-in-1 instant messenger for the K! desktop?


8.) How do you extract stuff using "Ark" (for example) if you want to install kmerlin? :(



For now this'll be all... until i can figure out how to either get my XP back or how Knoppix or (more specifically) the "programming Linux commands" process works.. [img]<___base_url___>/uploads/emoticons/default_ph34r.png[/img]


Thanx in advance! :)






Hi the_planarian,


you can get Macromedia and Adobe on Linux using either Wine or Cross over office.

Knpooix itself is secure aslong as you have its security patches you can also use iptables

which set rules for your traffic.


installing knoppix to your HDD is a little messy as I dont think you can select what partition you can install it on (correct me if I am wrong).


Linux based machines come with cdrdao or cdrecord if you want a graphical user interface

to use these burning programs you can get k3b.

why not try fedora core release 3 instead


knoppix is live cd based, and it's a nice quick way of checking out linux, however thats about all i'd recommend it for unless you are experienced with linux and want to install it to your hard disc


fedora, on the other hand is a well supported and very active linux distro and a lot of people on these forums use it (i do, the forums run on Fedora) so you'll get lots of support here too


either way, you can dual boot xp and linux no problem if you know what you are doing


good luck and welcome to the forums