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Full Version: Hosting your own domain on Gentoo!
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This tutorial is for gentoo.. for a more general/fedora one try this by Jy:




otherwise for a more gentoo way...carry on reading...


before i say any more... i wanna say HI! its been a while since i've spent enough time online to write a tutorial.. but here goes.. i'm using Gentoo 2.6-gentoo-r6 here we go..




First off.. we need to install bind..and bind-tools (for dig/nslookup which we'll use near the end)


women root # emerge bind bind-tools



this shouldnt take long.. i didnt have any dependencies so it was pretty quick.. you might want to add -pv to see if there are gonna be loads and if you need to use USE if you dont want things installed like so:


women root # emerge bind bind-tools -pv
These are the packages that I would merge, in order:
Calculating dependencies ...done!

well done square !


nice to see you active in doing tutorials again :)


how do you like gentoo ?





Hey anyweb..


Gentoo is great, i love it.. the ease of using this fine OS is just amazing, the portage is great (packages)



i'm gonna write a few other tutorials when i get the time.. things getting very hectic here...



for now..